Thursday, May 27, 2010

101 in 1001

Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Plain Text - The list
BOLD - Completed
Italics - In the Process

Starting Date: May 27 2010
Ending Date: Feb 21 2013

+ Family & Relationships
01. Visit home once a month & eat dinner with the family
02. Make gifts for all the ladies in the family *handmade*
03. Get a tattoo representing the 4 ladies in the family
04. Get our Chihuahua, a spiked collar
05. Buy her some new clothes
06. Make an art with Jason
07. Spend an eventful art day with Helen
08. Just spend quality alone time with Jason
09. Save $150+ a week (just to start a savings)
10. Make Ginger Bread Cookies with Lisa
11. Brunch with mother & movies (bf come along too!) twice a year
12. Send out a package to my reunited Niece Carolyn

+ Learning & Design
13. Make spaghetti
14. Learn how to make milkshakes or any dessert drinks
15. Learn Mother's potato salad recipe
16. Make P's Ceviche recipe
17. Cook something for myself once a month & improve it!
18. Make 3 kinds of soup (0/3)
19. To draw flowers
20. Learn how to sew with a machine
21. To change a diaper on a child (completed 7/15/2010)
22. Find out more about my Canon Rebel
23. Redesign my Website layout & blog
24. New business cards (1/3)
25. Make labels
26. Make 1000 message/greeting cards to sell
27. Take olds shirts & create new ones
28. Work on a canvas
29. Get hired to create YST items for a wedding

+ Cleaning & Organizing
30. Get rid of old career stuff
31. Organize drawer of crafts & hallway closet
32. Clean closet after getting rid of things
33. Slowly throw away things I don't need at parents house
34. Clean desk once a week (try to keep clean)
35. Put projects together and have a "what to do" note with new project
36. Buy an organizer (or make) & stop having diff notebooks with ideas
37. Organize photos & computer files
38. ReCapitalize Song titles & Artists
39. Break old CDs & get rid of old diaries
40. Do one photo album a year (old photos)

+ Temptation
41. Don't buy anything for myself for 2 months straight a year, twice a year
42. When going to thrift stores, can only spend less than $40
43. Spend less than $1000 at the bead store when shopping
44. Limit $1000 for 2 months to shop online
45. Only go to M if there are sales
46. Go to restaurants just to eat their dessert 3 times a year
47. Eat somewhere outdoor with beautiful lights (stars, city lights, any lights)
48. Have no "color" in my hair for 4 months straight

49. Travel with Jason on an airplane
50. Take Jason to the Zoo/Seaworld
51. Check out the fashion district
52. Go to a gigantic thrift event: flea market
53. Go to more art shows
54. Go to vegas & watch a show
55. Road trip to san francisco
56. One more time for the cruise
57. Swim in vegas pool

+ A Little Extra
58. Teach our dog 5 more tricks
59. Have 2-3 Tea Parties a year
60. Go to 3+ Vendors events a year
61. Get a massage once or twice a year
62. Pay Mother back for barrows
63. Take beautiful photos of nature
64. Sell my domains that I bought
65. Stop buying silly domains
66. Get together for coffee/tea with an inspired teacher
67. Watch any 007 movie, haven't seen any!
68. Take my girlfriends out to somewhere nice
69. Find a way to get rid of my 9x12 manila envelopes

+ Thoughtful
70. Grow flowers and give it to Grandma at her grave site
71. Do random thank you cards (once a month) to family & friends
72. Donate to animal shelter - the ones that don't put down animals
73. Donate to Mom's church - or even help coordinate an event
74. Do a donation collab with Kimmie & raise over $2000!
75. Help someone out with their wedding - invitations or anything
76. Having my "pet website" layout ready & planned
77. Start putting things into my "I Wish Wedding" box/album
78. Throw a princess party for the girls
79. Sell 10 framed art (or canvas art) (0/10)
80. Have the friendship tattoos in Hawaii
81. Make a superfriendz book for everyone with any SFz

+ Random doings
82. Ride a bike on the beach
83. Make smores & eat it!
84. Bake cookies & give it to people
85. Play bball horse with boyfriend
86. Take photos I've done in this list for an album
87. Make my flower arrangement idea
88. Tell a silly story to someone behind the tattoo on the arm
89. Without mom's help, try to pet one of the cats (completed 6/2/2010)
90. Try a different meal at a restaurant (completed 6/13/2010)
91. Celebrate Valentine's day
92. IF someone asks what I do for a living, tell them I'm a Ninja
93. Pull another good April Fools Joke
94. Make artichoke with mother's dip - the right way
95. Make a foil box to cook a hot dog with Kenneth in his backyard

+ Ending
96. Beat Randy in StreetFighter 4
97. Sell a crafty book
98. Shoot for a wedding for fun
99. Party for completing 100 things :)
100. Thank you cards to people who've helped me finish 101 in 1001 days
101. Inspire 10 other people to start their list! (0/10)

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